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Lion Energy | Prowler Portable Power Bank

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The Lion Prowler™ is a portable power bank that provides wireless charging for many smart cell phones, USB devices, and has a built-in lights to see in the dark.

The Lion Prowler Power Bank Can Charge:

  • Smart Watch - 60x
  • Earpods - 37x
  • Smart Phone - 6x
  • Tablets - 2x
  • Laptop 45W - 1.5 Hrs
  • Gaming Units 25 W - 3 Hrs
  • LED Lamp 4W - 18 Hrs

The Benefits

The Lion Prowler is a the Swiss army knife of power banks: wireless charging, power USB devices, LED flashlight and lamp. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase and is TSA approved for travel on a plane.

  • Wirelessly + USB Charging - Wirelessly charge Qi enabled smart phones, earbuds, and watches. It also can power USB devices, and has a built-in LED flashlight and lamp.
  • Safety - Made from safe Lithium. You can use it indoors or outdoors and is TSA approved so you can take it on a plane.
  • Durable & Eco Friendly - It has a rugged design, water resistant, and is comfortable to hold in your hand. And it's good for the environment because it produces zero emission, no carbon footprint during.
  • Easy to Use - Plug in any USB device that needs power – cell phones, tablets, computers or any device that is USB supported.
  • Convenient - Easy to transport, lightweight and fits into a pocket, backpack, carry bag, or can be clipped on.
  • Flight Friendly - Passes TSA regulations for carry-on lithium batteries.

Lion Prowler Outputs

Multiple outputs allow you to charge virtually any device.

  • 1 Wireless QI (10W)
  • 2x USB-A (5V @ 3.1A, 15W
  • 1x USB-C (5V @ 3A, 15W)

Where to Use Your Portable Power Bank

Technology is part of our lives now, many of us have smart phones, smart watches, EarPods, gaming devices and more that we are constantly using. If they are not fully charged we're limited. Feel confident and safe knowing you can charge virtually any USB device you need for your office or on the go.

When getting ready for your next adventure, know that you can power all your USB devices so you can stay longer and do more. With the Prowler you can charge multiple devices all at once, that means no pits stops for powering up. You get to enjoy your time at your destination longer and not waste time waiting for multiple devices to recharge.

Take it with you camping, road trips, on the beach, in the mountains, or any outing. The Lion Prowler is for all your portable power needs.

How the Lion Prowler Stacks Up To Others

  • The Lion Prowler delivers the same power 20,000mAh at a great price.
  • It's water resistant and build to withstand harsh conditions, making it practical to use anywhere you need power.
  • It's a perfect blend of wireless charging, fast phone and USB charging, and built-in lights so you're not in the dark.
Lion Prowler Goal Zero Sherpa Anker Essential 20000

Weight (pounds)




Dimensions - Inches (L x W x H)

5.5 X 3 X 1

7.5 X 1 X 3.7

6.2 X 2.9 X .8


1X Qi Wireless Charger – 10W
2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 3.1A, 15W
1X USB-C Port – 5V @ 3A, 15W

1X Qi Wireless Charger – 5W
2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 2.4A Each
1X USB-C Port – PD 60W

2X USB-A Ports – 5V


Micro USB or via USB-C

via USB-C

via USB-C

Charge Time (Wall)

8 hours

9 hours USB

10.5 hours USB


Lithium Polymer

Li-ion NMC

Lithium Polymer

Life Cycles




Rated Capacity

20,000mAh / 74Wh






Lion Prowler
Weight (Pounds) 1.2

Dimensions - Inches (L x W x H)

6.8 X 3.7 X1


Wireless Charger – 10W
2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 3A Each
1X USB-C Port – 5V @ 3A


Micro USB or via USB- C (Micro USB / USB Charging Cable Included)

Charge Time (Wall)

8+ hours


Lithium Polymer

Life Cycles


Rated Capacity

20,000mAh / 74Wh


1 year


FCC Part 15 Subpart B, RoHS, CE



Introducing The Prowler

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The Lion Prowler is made from Lithium Ion, is safe to use and meets all the TSA guidelines so you can take it with you traveling even on airplanes. Because it does not emit any toxic fumes, you can carry and use it with you wherever you go – in your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase, indoors or outside. The Lion Prowler goes through extensive testing from initial design through production and before it ever leaves Lion Energy.

If you want to know more about how safe Lithium Ion is, click below.

Read the Safety White Paper


What is the Lion Prowler?

The Prowler is a portable wireless charger and USB power bank. You can use the wireless charger to charge smart phones, earbuds and smart watches. It also has USB and USB-C charging ports for charging cable-bound cell phones and other USB devices.

What does the Lion Prowler power?

You can charge your phone ~10 times, earbuds ~45 times, watch ~78 times, or other USB device such as gaming units, tablets, wireless speakers, USB power projectors, and more.

How can you figure out how long the Prowler will power specific devices?

The Lion Prowler has a continuous 20,000mAh / 74Wh of power output. To calculate how long the Prowler can power a device, use this formula: Wh / W or mAh / mA = Estimated Run Time.

So for mAh, a device drawing 100 mA can be powered for 200 hours (20,000 / 100=200). If your device works in watts and your device draws 25 watts then it would power it for 3 hours (74 / 25=2.96).

How long can the Lion Prowler hold a charge?

It will maintain its charge for months without having to charge it. This is known as shelf life or storage life. However, we recommend using it more frequently – around the house, outside, on adventures and in emergencies.

What is Qi compatible wireless charging?

QI is the leading standard for wireless charging devices. The Qi standard is supported by many mobile devices manufactures, including:

Apple, Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG Electronics, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Xiaomi, and Sony. To see a partial list of some of the popular smartphones that support Qi Charging, Click Here.

What comes with the Lion Prowler?

The Lion Prowler and a micro USB/USB charging Cable.

How do I check how full the Lion Prowler is?

To check the charge of the Prowler, press the power button for one second. Lights will display on the left of the power button. 1 light (~25%) 2 lights (~50%) 3 lights (~75%) and 4 lights (~100%).

How do I charge my devices wirelessly?
  1. Step 1 - Press the power button on the Prowler twice. A red light indicator on the far-left side of the power button will turn on.
  2. Step 2 - Place the smart phone directly on the top of the Prowler; a green light will come on and it will start charging. Note: your phone case may prevent wireless charging or your phone may not support wireless charging.
  3. Step 3 - To turn off wireless charging, press the power button twice.
How do I charge my USB devices?
  1. Step 1 - Using the cable provided, connect the device (ie, phone, tablet, etc) into the output on the end of the Prowler, near the power button (lift the rubber flap).
  2. Step 2 - Press the power button for 1 second to turn on power & begin charging device.
  3. Step 3 - When finished charging, turn the Lion Prowler off.
How do I turn on and use the flashlight and lamp?
  1. Step 1 - To turn the flashlight on, press and hold the flashlight icon (next to power button) for one second. This will turn the flashlight on to Solid mode.
  2. Step 2 - To turn the flashlight to SOS mode, press and hold the flashlight icon for 3 seconds.
  3. Step 3 - To turn the lamp on, press the flashlight icon twice.

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