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Pioneer | Diamante Ultra 12,000 BTU 23 SEER Ductless Mini-Split Inverter+ WiFi-Enabled Air Conditioner Heat Pump Full Set 230V with 16 Ft. Kit

by Pioneer
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Product Features

  • Ultra High Efficiency Diamante Ultra Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System
  • Cooling capacity: 12,000 BTU/H with 23 SEER2/ 13 EER2 efficiency
  • Heating capacity: 12,000 BTU/H with 9.5 HSPF2 / 3.5 COP efficiency
  • Voltage: 208/230V, 60Hz, 1Ph
  • High Wall Mounted Air Conditioning & Heating System
  • Variable Speed DC Inverter Operation Mode
  • Low Ambient Unit (-13°F)
  • Wireless Internet Access Included (Via Free Smartphone App)
  • AHRI Estimated Annual Operating Costs:
    • Cooling: $69.00
    • Heating: $254.00



R410A Pre-Charged Outdoor Unit, accommodating refrigerant line lengths up to 25 ft. per circuit.


The copper tubing is included in the outdoor unit cardboard box and the communication wiring kit is included in the indoor unit cardboard box. This product set is comprised of 2 cartons only.

What's included

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Wireless Remote Control (with wall holder and batteries)
  • Internet Control Module
  • 16 Ft. Copper Lines
  • 16 Ft. Electrical Wire
  • 10 Ft. Drain for indoor/outdoor
  • Wall Passage Sleeve
  • Putty for Wall Hole
  • Leak Guard Sealer
  • Wrapping Tape
  • Installation Manual
  • User’s Manual

Our Guarantee

  • 5 years Warranty for Parts (Extendable to up to 7 years)
  • 5 years for Compressor (Extendable to up to 10 years)

Standard Features

Enhanced Modern Design

How do you improve upon an air handler that’s already silent? You make the appearance of it silent as well, with a premium encasing and elegant textures. A matte-frost finish ensures less fingerprints and time spent wiping. The curved edges give the system a softer look, and the LED display has been modified to show the set temperature in a more subdued fashion.

Cools like A Crisp Shower

Diamante Ultra drapes the room with a satisying breeze from above, without the mist. Cool air sinks from high to low, so we designed the system to let the conditioned air be “thrown” toward the ceiling, so that is can naturally reach as far as possible horizontally in the room, while also ensuring that the refreshing breeze is felt by all occupants of the room, no matter if they are sitting, standing, or lying down.

Heats like a Nuzzling Blanket

Diamante Ultra also wraps the room in cozy warmth, from floor to ceiling. Just as how cold air sinks, hot air rises - The system can use this quality to its advantage by directing the louver at a sharp downward angle, so that the air throw sweeps across the floor as far out as possible, and swells upward to saturate the room with a comforting blanket of warmth, to all four corners of the room.

Wi-Fi Controlled via Free App

Unlock the full potential of your new Pioneer system by activating the USB module included with your purchase. In 2 minutes you’ll be up and running, and ready to set custom schedules or fully control one or many units from the same app, easily and reliably, from across the world. Now you can pre-condition your home before you arrive, turn off the unit remotely or check that your pets are relaxing in comfort. You can also integrate your new mini split with a Smart Assistant, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

Super Simplified Installation

Enjoy improved accessibility to the Diamante Ultra's crucial components. The bottom side of the air handler unit includes a hidden cover that is easily removable, exposing some handy elements that cut out a lot of the guesswork. Use the viewing window for making both the piping and electrical connections, and gain access to a single-press button to unlatch the unit for an easy removal.

Energy-Star for Efficiency

With its built-in DC inverter technology, the Diamante Ultra series brings big benefits for those looking to cut down on their electric bill. The outdoor unit compressor is soft-start and variable speed between 30% and 110% in both heating and cooling, and the indoor fan draws only a few watts when running. Take advantage of technology that is so power efficient, it is the go-to heating and cooling system for use on solar-powered setups. Silence and efficiency never looked so good together. Switch from your outdated system to the Diamante Ultra series and start saving today!


Performance Data

  • Power Supply: 230V, 60Hz, 1Ph
  • Cooling Rated Capacity: 12,000 BTU/h (1 Ton)
  • Rated Power Input (Cooling): 920W
  • Cooling SEER2: 23 BTU/W.h
  • Cooling EER2: 13 BTU/W.h
  • Heating Rated Capacity: 12,000 BTU/h (1 Ton)
  • Rated Power Input (Heating): 910W
  • Heating HSPF2: 9.5 BTU/W.h
  • Heating C.O.P.: 3.5 W/W
  • Refrigerant Type: R410A
  • Recommended Application Area: 200~450 Sq. F

Indoor Unit Data

  • Part Number: WT012GLFI22HLD
  • Air Flow (Hi): 471 CFM
  • Sound Level (Hi/Med/Lo/Mute): 39/34/29/27 dB(A)
  • Net Dimensions (WDH): 36-1/4 x 7-5/8 x 12 Inches
  • Carton Dimensions (WDH): 39 x 10-3/8 x 15 Inches
  • Net / Gross Weight: 23.1 / 26.5 Lbs

Outdoor Unit Data

  • Part Number: YN012GLFI22RPD
  • Sound Level: 52 dB(A)
  • Net Dimensions (WDH): 28-5/8 x 12 x 21-5/8 Inches
  • Carton Dimensions (WDH): 33-1/2 x 14-1/8 x 24 Inches
  • Net / Gross Weight: 59.1 / 64.4 lbs
  • Electrical Circuit Size: 15A (double-pole)


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